Dr. Thomas Wakeman Awarded PIANC USA Fellow

   Story by Schaefer School of Engineering & Science

January 29, 2010

Dr. Thomas H. Wakeman III, Deputy Director of the Center for Maritime Systems/ Davidson Laboratory at Stevens Institute of Technology, has been selected as a PIANC USA Fellow.

PIANC is a worldwide non-political and non-profit technical and scientific navigation organization of 35 national governments, international corporations and private individuals.

PIANC's objective is to promote both inland and maritime navigation by fostering progress in the planning, design, construction, improvement, maintenance and operation of inland and maritime waterways and ports and of coastal areas for general use in industrialized and industrializing countries. Facilities for fisheries, sport and recreational navigation are included in PIANC's activities.

This is a new program, and the highest honor attainable in the PIANC association. The PIANC USA Fellow Program is in its inaugural year, and Wakeman is among the first to be honored in this way. The grade of Fellow recognizes unusual distinction in the association and is conferred by the National Commission upon members who stand above the rest due to their extraordinary and long-term records of accomplishments in PIANC and its areas of interest.

“I am extremely honored to receive the PIANC USA Fellow Award and am delighted with the recognition that it bestows on Stevens Institute of Technology. The PIANC US Section continues to make significant contributions to our waterways, ports, and maritime industry as the demonstrated by the Smart Rivers Conference and the Gulf Coast Hurricane Conference. The Stevens Maritime Systems program and its students frequently benefit from the engineering and industry knowledge provided by these kinds of programs and PIANC publications in general,” said Wakeman.

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