Stevens Professor on the Effects of Hurricane Earl to NJ Coast

   Story by Schaefer School of Engineering & Science

August 31, 2010

Hurricane Earl has the potential to benefit New Jersey's beaches, says Stevens Institute of Technology Research Assistant Professor Jon Miller, in local news stories covering the impending storm. Philadelphia-based PBS affiliate WHYY and WBGO, Newark Public Radio, both quote Dr. Miller on the effects of Earl, which has the potential to affect the New York City area by the weekend.

If the storm stays out in the Atlantic, as some computer models predict, then the potential effects might be beneficial.

"Long period waves act to help push some of the sand bars back onto the beach," says Dr. Miller. "My guess would be that since the storm is supposed to pass so far offshore that we’ll actually potentially see some beach accretion in some locations."

Dr. Miller studies coastline erosion as the New Jersey Sea Grant Coastal Processes Specialist and as a researcher at Stevens in the Center for Maritime Systems.

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