Robert Crooks Stanley Felliowship for 2012-2013; Applications due February 28

February 12, 2012

Nominations for the Stanley Fellowship for the 2012-2013.  Academic year are due in the Office of Deanof  Graduate Academics no later than February  28th.  Please send us your nomination accompanied by a letter of recommendation for a full-time graduate student who is pursuing a doctorate or master’s degree.  The fellowship is awarded on an annual basis; therefore, your recommendations must include current Stanley Fellow re-nominations as well as any new nominees.

Based upon the Stanley Fellowship guidelines, the nominees need to be full-time, United States citizens pursuing a doctorate or master's degreeand is maintaining a 3.5 GPA.  Preference is given to female candidates, but this does not exclude male candidates.

An announcement, publicizing the Stanley Fellowship opportunity has been added to the Graduate Academics and Graduate (current students) Admissions web page.  Students are instructed to submit applications to their program/department directors. 

Please familiarize any students you are nominating with some background on the Stanley Fellowship.  We have enclosed an application form that needs to be completed by all nominated students.  This may help you in choosing a student for nomination and will provide some information about the student for the Stanley Committee.  This application form must be returned with your recommendation in order for a student to be considered.

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