CSTARS Unveils Edge - A Dashboard Tool Enabling End-users to Customize and Order Satellite Images

February 4, 2013

Dr. Hans Graber, Director of the Center for Southeastern Tropical Advanced Remote Sensing (CSTARS), at the University of Miami, recently announced the development of a new satellite image tool that enables end-users to retrieve and customize imagery from the center's vast archive of satellite images. The tool is designed to assist end-users to conduct forensic analysis and assessments of areas of interest, while allowing them to tailor the image perimeters, attributes, resolution and time scales to their needs.  Upon customizing the images, end-users can then order the imagery from the CSTARS website.
For details regarding the CSTARS EDGE tool, contact Dr. Hans Graber at the Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science at hgraber@rsmas.miami.edu.

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