USCG R&D Center provides support to continue the development of the Magello Emergency Response Tool.

October 14, 2013

Created by a team of students during the 2011 CSR Summer Research Institute, Magello combines easy-to-read, ultra-high-resolution, high-fidelity atmospheric and oceanic forecasts and datasets in one easy to use platform.  The Magello web interface was developed as a decision support tool to assist first responders and decision makers during emergency situations and crisis events. The tool was showcased at the 2011 USCG Innovation Expo, the 2012 FEMA Region 1 Technology Transition Workshop and was selected as a top ten finalist in the 2012 National Security Innovation Competition.
The USCG R&D Center recognizes the potential of Magello to provide critical real-time oceanic and atmospheric information, together with plume modeling capabilities to assist the USCG in making informed emergency response decisions.  It is CSR's objective to further enhance the functionality and capabilities of Magello and to prepare the tool for evaluation by the USCG and other relevant stakeholders.

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